Important: Enrollment Process Change!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Enrollment Process is changing for the 2019/2020 school year and future years! Please read more about it on our Enrollment Page

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Please join me

Dear C2E families,

Next Wednesday evening, May 16th, the Principals from the Parker area schools will be hosting a meeting to discuss the funding issues for Douglas County Schools (including Charter Schools).  Please join me at the meeting to learn more about the challenges our schools are facing.  UPDATE:  Meeting is being held at Ponderosa High School at  6:00 pm.


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New addition to our playground

Our eighth grade class has presented the school with a gift.  Starting today our students will be learning how to play in our new Gaga Ball Pit.  Thank you to all our eighth graders who worked so hard to raise the money and to our eighth grade families who worked on a snowy Saturday to build this for our students!  This gift will be enjoyed for many years to come!

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Seats available!

Looking for a great school for your 3rd grader or Kindergartner for 2018/2019?  We have a few seats still available.

If you wish for your child to attend Challenge to Excellence, please fill out a Letter of Interest today!

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Great News!

I am proud to announce that Challenge to Excellence is a 2017 John Irwin Award Recipient.  The John Irwin Award is given to schools that demonstrate excellent academic achievement. On the three-year school performance framework that is used by the state to evaluate schools, these schools “exceed” expectations on academic achievement.  This is our 2nd year in a row to receive this award.

Congratulations to our students who worked so hard to show all that they have learned, to our teachers for diligently ensuring that all of our students are learning, and to our parents for the daily commitment they make to help our students succeed in school!

We are one of only 11 Douglas County to receive this academic award.  Click here for more information on this award and/or to see the schools that received the 2017 John Irwin Award.

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Important Information regarding Dress Code


We are having many issues with students not being in uniform.  Please take time to review the dress code and make sure that your student is coming to school each day in uniform.  Students will be calling home for uniform clothing if they arrive at school out of dress code.

A couple of dress code errors that we see regularly are students in shoes and leggings that do not comply with the dress code.

Per the handbook shoes must be free of designs/decorations (i.e. cartoon characters, glitter, stripes) and must be non ­neon in color. ANY NEON COLORED shoes are expressly forbidden.​

Leggings are not ​an appropriate substitute for tights unless ​the ankle is covered by socks and no skin is showing on the legs.  Leggings must be white, navy, opaque or skin color.

Additionally, girls only may wear one set of post earrings. Dangle earrings are not allowed.

Winter must come at some time so remember that snow boots, hiking boots and rain boots such as galoshes are permitted during extreme weather, but are not ​allowed in the classrooms. Each student must bring acceptable shoes to be worn in class and during school activities.  REMEMBER, students go outside each day if the temperature is above 20 degrees.  Please send your student with outerwear that will keep them warm when they are out in cold temperatures.

Click here to read the complete dress code.




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